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November 6, 2012
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DenmarkXReader - Games night

(Just to create a bit of a setting, Denmark is 20 years old and you're 19 :3)


"Bleh when is Mathias gonna get here? I can't connect these damn consoles up!" You thought to yourself as you sat amongst a vineyard of thick wires by the large flatscreen TV that sat in the corner of your chic (your favourite colour) living room.

You opened the blinds a little and stared outside at the brightly lit street, the light reflecting off the frost on the cars. It was now 6:30pm and your boyfriend Mathias was now half an hour late

"Probably at the pub again* you sighed, but giggled afterwards because Mathias was hilarious when he was drunk and playing against others online, especially when he gains the most kills on "Halo Reach" matchmaking....


*ding dong*

You shot up from the sofa and smiled sweetly as you skipped a little through the hall leading up to the front door, you opened it and saw Mathias posing in the porch


He made his way through the door singing 'RING DING DONG' by SHINee, dancing about and moving his pelvis towards you, making you laugh, he pouted his lips and made kissing noises, which had you in complete hysterics.

"How's my __________?" he soon asked

"Great as always!......" you replied....except....there was something bothering you, and you....well...kinda needed to tell Mathias about it tonight...

Casually, you stood yourself up and wiped a tear from the laughter away from your eye as Mathias wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed you on the forehead. You both made your way back into the living room

"Right then---"
Mathias stopped dead at the bundle of mixed up wires by the TV, he huffed jokingly and looked at you, you're face going red from embarrassment. You knew Denmark was a bit of a whizz with technology, unlike yourself, who often seemed to make things worse when you tried, and most, if not all the time, it was always Mathias fixing the problem.


Mathias began yo untangle the many wires as you headed into the kitchen to order pizza for your dinner. You had spotted that Mathias had brought Danish pastries and some beer along, which was always a good sign really.

"How you doing in there Mat----"

You came back to give Mathias a glass of Coca-Cola, but much to your surprise he had already untangled every single wire AND connected his Wii up to the TV. He stood infront of you with a cheesy smile on his face, and he rocked on his feet and put his hands in his pockets

"That was quick!" you said, you're eyes widening as you looked over his shoulder at the perfectly organised wires.

"Well I am the one and only Mathias Køhler _________!"

He pulled into a superhero stance and winked at you before heading over to the Wii

"So ________, wanna play anything in particular?" Mathias smiled as he produced his pack of Wii games from his bag

You rubbed your arm and twiddled your foot awkwardly "I don't mind Mathias........Monster Hunter Tri maybe?"

"No probs _________!" he said as he whipped the disc out of the pack.

You had to tell Mathias.........


Maybe later.....


You laughed uncontrollably as a slightly drunk Mathias began to fight against Rathalos; his favourite monster, even though he hated fighting him. Mathias yelled at the monster

"STOP BRO!" Mathias yelled as the monster trampled him, which had left you in hysterics.

You sipped on a can of Dr Pepper as you watched Mathias get owned on the game, you shuffled closer towards him and rested your head on his shoulder. He paused the game and turned and kissed you passionately, making you giggle softly as he pushed you down underneath him and started to kiss you with a much wilder kiss.

*ding dong*

Your little 'øjeblik' was interrupted by your pizza delivery

"WELL I SAY" Mathias said, imitating Arthur Kirkland as he pretended to sip an imaginary cup of tea before you headed to the front door to collect your order.


You ate wildly on your last slice of (favourite pizza topping) pizza as you felt a sense of nervousness in your stomach, you shuddered a little at this as you shut up your pizza box and put it in the kitchen bin. You stared over at Mathias as he finished off his own pizza, and then turned towards the kitchen window and stared blankly outside.

Mathias eventually saw you and made his way over, a slight look of concern on his face, he could tell that something wasn't right...

"_________? Are you ok?"

He put his arm over your shoulder and kissed your cheek

"Come on, wanna help me beat this goddamn dragon then __________?"

You flung your head down and a tear fell from left eye, which immediately caught Mathias's attention. He held you tighter and gulped in worry as he pulled you into himself

"What's the matter?" he softly whispered


"Please tell me __________....."

You looked up a little and bit your lip nervously, taking a deep breath in, you closed your eyes and went for it

"M-Mathias.......I-I have something important to tell you...."

Mathias stiffened a little at first, but then beckoned you back into the living room...


You sat next to him on the sofa, muting the TV as the Wii menu music wasn't helping either of you right now.

"What's all this about then?" Mathias remarked, his voice was a mix between worry and somehow frustration....although he probably just bottled that up from the Rathalos fight....


You rested your head onto his chest and closed your (your eye colour) eyes slowly, and you placed your hand over his heart. He once again wrapped his arms around you.


A small silence....then suddenly....

"I invited you over tonight for a games night because I wanted to tell you....."

Another silence.....

"Tell me what?"
His voice as completely awash with worry now

"I'm pregnant...."

Mathias's arms loosened up and he looked at you with his beady blue eyes. You curled yourself into him, embarrassment had really had its toll on this one.
Mathias giggled awkwardly at first, but soon relaxed into you and placed his hand on your still flat stomach, much to your surprise....

He was stuck for words

"If you don't want to keep it then I understa----"

"No that's not it.....It's.....It's great!"

Mathias gently began to smooth his fingers over your stomach, which made you shiver

"I feel as if 19 is still a little too young to be having a baby...." you whimpered

"Well......I'm ok with it......I mean-I guess i could take it on"

You pondered on that saying; would he actually take care of you properly during pregnancy? Especially when you were near labour....
But eventually you settled down and looked into Mathias's eyes, brushing his spiky blonde hair you smiled sweetly at him

"So we're keeping it?" You asked innocently

"Yeah.....why not" Mathias replied. he kissed you tenderly and then placed both his hands on your stomach, and then he lowered himself to it

"Hey little guy! It's your dad!--"

"Um it's still in very early development you know!" you giggled with relief

"Um...fair enoughski" Mathias said as he sat up, returning to his childish self

He smiled at you and held your hand, and then picked up the Wii remote and unmuted the TV.....

"Right let's own this Rathalos bastard; for the baby!" he yelled with a sense of triumph

"Yes.....let's..." you replied calmly....
For my friend Callie owo Happy Birthday to her >w> :cake:

btw °jeblik means 'moment' in Danish ;)
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RussiasSunflower13 Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Somehow......... The gaming part of it made me think of Pewdiepie o___o
BlueEyedJuniper Dec 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
heehee XD I was kinda watching some Pewdiepie at the same time when I wrote this so it might explain tha† XD
sexyanimelover Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
So cute, I love it so much~
BlueEyedJuniper Nov 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
aw thankies~
the entire time i was like 'im pregnant, I'm pregnant' then i was like CALLED IT!
BlueEyedJuniper Nov 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
AlexisRainbowKitten Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
VictoriaVisage Nov 9, 2012  Student Writer
Oh dear xD That was really good!
0-EmoLeopard-0 Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
0-EmoLeopard-0 Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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